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Fiction has to make sense

Reality doesn't

I am a nineteen year old living in a cave full of muffins on the coast of Greenland. Well, one of my many aliases lives there. I could be anyone, anywhere, anytime. You don't actually want to know where I live. My journal is about my interests, fun things I find, and to rant occasionally. I will keep it as such.
I really enjoy reading and writing my own stories, both fanfiction and parts of my own novels. I'm a christian, but I'm not uber-uptight and I do enjoy reading slash from time to time. Plus the occasional swear word slips out (but only under stress! and technically the ones I use are from the Bible) I actually enjoy doing math, sometimes, and my wild Friday nights are spent with one or two friends watching a movie at the local $5 theater, or occasionally hanging out at IKEA/Borders. I'm very much a nerd at times and dang proud of it. Besides, nerds are the top of the outcast foodchain. It goes (from the bottom up) dorks, geeks, freaks, nerds.
80s music, acting, alan rickman, american idol, angel, anne of green gables, beauty and the beast, bella swan, black dagger brotherhood, blade and pre-gunpowder weapons, board games, bones, book collecting, books, bowling, breaking dawn, broadway, buffy the vampire slayer, cheese, cheesecake, chick flicks, chick-lit, chocolate, choir, church, comedy, costume, creative writing, daine/numair, dark chocolate, david boreanaz, disney, disney movies, disney music, disney princesses, draco and the malfoys, drawing, dvds, eddie izzard, edward cullen, england, english, family, fan vids, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy books, films, firefly, foreign languages, french, friends reruns, garth brooks, gossip girl, hairspray, harry and the potters, harry potter, heath ledger, himym, historical fiction, hugh jackman, icons, internet surfing, jeaniene frost, joss whedon, kittens, labyrinth, legos, lemony snicket, libraries, lilacs, lists, london, love actually, love songs, magic, maximum ride, medieval and renaissance history, meg cabot, movie making, movie trivia, movies, muppets, music, musicals, mythbusters, myths and legends, national treasure, ncis, new amsterdam, nightmare before christmas, penguins, piano, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, procrastination, queen, quotes, rain, rascal flatts, ravenclaw, reading, rent, romance novels, saltwater taffy, sarcasm, sci-fi, scooby-doo, series of unfortunate events, singing, sleeping, sleepless in seattle, spamalot, spike, star wars, stardust, staying up late, stephenie meyer, stories, stroganoff, tamora pierce, taylor swift, the amazing race, the marauders, the matrix, the princess bride, the soup, the southern vampire series, tim allen, trivia, trivial pursuit, trixie belden mysteries, twilight, useless information, vampires, veggie tales, watching movies, weasley twins, wicked, wizard rock, writing, x-men, youtube