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Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god

This is the chant going through my head right now. I leave for London tomorrow morning and I am a bit of a twisted mess. I'm excited and nervous and wired and panicked and ecstatic. It's all wrapped up into a ball of emotion I'm trying to keep under control so I don't get sick. My doctor did give me a mild tranquilizer if I flip out too badly and get sick on the trip. We did a test run of these and found that it actually takes 2 pills to really affect me. And then I get loopy; not sleepy, just loopy. It was funny to watch yesterday and felt like what happens when I stay up too late. Mom thinks I should just take 1.5 when on the plane.

This trip has also shown me what a light packer I am. I have one checked suitcase and a backpack (both made to survive a nuclear war) and my small purse. And that's all I need. The suitcase isn't stuffed and it even has a quilt that drapes over the sides of a twin bed. Plus my laptop and all my school supplies and a couple changes of clothes and two books are in the backpack. I don't know that there's a lot of room left over for souvenirs, but if I need to, I can get another carry-on and put the purse in my backpack.

In other news, my summer's been going good. Meg's puppy is almost fully potty trained. I have been able to sleep in my bed (my room's still not clean, but Mom promises it will be when I get back). I've mostly been reading and watching Joan of Arcadia with my family. That show makes me much less panicked about the fact that my books haven't arrived. Maybe I'm meant to go to a bookstore in London to buy them and I'll meet someone who'll be a great friend (or hot English boyfriend). Maybe I'll share with someone in class and we'll bond over studying late at night.  just know that I'm going to try and be open to all opportunities and not stay as a hermit in my room (which I will have all to myself, along with my own bathroom).

Oh and I almost forgot one of the biggest things: I learned how to cook! At least a little. Since the dorms in London have a shared kitchen area, Mom's been having me make dinner the last four nights and she's sending recipe cards with me. I feel so accomplished being about to make something that doesn't come from a box or consist mostly of bread.

Well, that's all for now. My next update shall be from London!
Stay Sharp People
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