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Toon Memories and an Meme

Today there was an ljspotlight on the community toon_memories. I officially adore this community. It's like a giant window to my childhood. Related to this I wanted to discuss one of my favorite shows, but one I took for granted a lot, Wishbone. This show was so awesome! It had this dog who would act out classic tales from Literature. It was so cool, but most of the time I skipped over it because I took it for granted when I was a kid. Now, when I actually would love to watch it, I can't find it. :( Oh well.
I also wanted to post this meme that I saw on lezishae's livejournal. 
1. It begins with a list of all 26 letters of the alphabet.
2. Comment with something for me to talk about that starts with one of those letters. Make me babble about anything -- TV shows, actors, actresses, food, discover what I really think about stuff!
3. One topic per letter -- it's like a claims list! I will cross off letters as topics appear.
4. You can comment multiple times, but only if the letter you chose hasn't already been taken.
5. I will post a new post talking about all topics given to me!

A- Avril Lavigne
B- Bunnies
C- Candy
D- Dice or Dresses
E- Electricity
F- Fingers
G- Ghosts
H- Harry Potter
I- Ice Cream
J- Jelly or Jack-in-the-Box
K- Klingons
L- London or Lyrics
M- Mexico or Musical
N- Nerd
O- Ollivander the Wandmaker
P- Pickles or Pizza
Q- Q-tips
R- Rollerskating
S- Sleeping In
T- Trains
U- Umbrella
V- Vampires
W- Watermelon
X- X-rays
Y- Yellow
Z- Zipper

Stay smart people

Tags: alphabet meme, cartoons, nostalgia, wishbone

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